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Holovision was the spotlight in Touch Taiwan 2023

April 19, 2023

16 online mediaes were there with us!

台北郵報 The Taipet Post、 PChome 新聞 、一指通、兩岸新聞跨境官網、享新聞、屏東時報電子報 等等26家媒體爭相報導!

On April 19th, the annual technology event TOUCH TAIWAN officially kicked off its grand exhibition activities. In addition to important companies in the industry, relevant scientific research institutions and cooperative companies from universities also participated together in the mode of industry-university collaboration, jointly participating in innovation and resource investment, and it is believed that it will accumulate more energy for Taiwan's high-end technology talents.
Today, the Minister of Economic Affairs, Wang Mei-hua, specially attended the grand technology event in the morning, and the first stop was at the booth of Holovision. She visited the display of the floating optical technology, which was independently developed by Holovision and integrated with the entire vehicle to become the first floating instrument panel introduced into the two-wheeled heavy motorcycle in the world. Through the actual product application, the technology highlights brought by the floating technology were astonishing and impressed the audience. Furthermore, it provides more convenient and safe solutions for future product applications and life, opening a new milestone for Taiwan's technology.
The floating gate access control system is an important product application for Holovision's development in the floating field. It is an ideal development target for medical fields, public activity spaces, residential buildings, airports, government agencies, and more. This technology can completely solve the practical demand for non-contact, including equipment such as public venues, ATM machines, airport information stations, restaurant ordering, government agencies, semiconductor factories, and even convenience store services. Through the application of such technology in various industries and fields, it can effectively provide different non-contact needs.
Holovision is a Taiwan start-up company that is one of the few in the world to have a patent for floating optical technology. This year, it will participate in the TOUCH TAIWAN exhibition with technology indicators and officially announce the products of floating optical technology and multiple innovative applications. By presenting the products in the form of products, it allows people to feel a completely new and extraordinary technology experience. It is also the first stop for Holovision to officially surface.
In this exhibition, Holovision specially provided an application demonstration of a floating instrument panel designed for car manufacturers. Through this mode, it can effectively reduce the damage caused by liquid crystal screens exposed to the sun and prolong the service life of products. It also provides more changeable and cool technological instruments for personalized mobile vehicles. The future instrument framework is no longer limited to the existing instrument shape, and the display of floating images can change in shape as desired, satisfying consumers' requirements for on-board instruments.

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